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Victim's Rights Advocacy

How can a victim rights advocate help me?

Often, the court process can be an overwhelming experience for a victim of domestic violence.  An advocate can familiarize clients with Ohio laws that pertain to their situation.  Staff can help victims understand the judicial process and attend legal and court appointments with the victim as requested.

  • Advocates speak with you about your unique situation, explaining applicable court processes in civil and criminal courts.

  • Advocates can attend court hearings with you and provide information and resources relevant to protection, security, divorce, and visitation.

  • Advocates can help you connect with community resources: housing, financial assistance, free legal services, counseling, support groups, etc.

  • Advocates can help you develop a personalized safety plan.

To speak to an advocate about your situation, please contact us by calling 740-382-8988 or 800-232-6505.

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