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Adult Programs


Turning Point provides victims/survivors of domestic violence and their children with safe, secure, temporary shelter in a comfortable atmosphere located in Marion and Delaware Counties.  When possible, families are provided with their own rooms with a bathroom, while areas such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen are shared. The shelters each have a fully equipped kitchen and a nicely stocked pantry to provide for families' nutritional needs. For families forced to travel lightly in order to escape the abuse, Turning Point has access to donated clothing and Goodwill vouchers. Transportation to the shelter for families in danger can be arranged with local law enforcement for their safety. Transportation during shelter stay is available on a limited basis.

Support Groups

When you are dealing with domestic violence, it can often feel like you are all alone.  Friends and family may not understand or be supportive of your decisions.  Turning Point offers community-based support groups.

What can you expect from Turning Point support groups?

  • Support groups are "kitchen table" style, with one facilitator, the Resident Coordinator.

  • The average size of a group is anywhere from 5 to 15 participants, and last for about an hour.

  • Please dress comfortably, some of the activities are hands on and may include the use of arts and crafts.

  • Any other questions you may have can be answered by a Resident Coordinator.

Children's Programs

Turning Point recognizes the special needs of those children accompanying their parents to the shelter. A comprehensive Children’s Program meets these needs by offering the following services:

  • Individual and group support

  • Assistance with issues surrounding children as witnesses or victims of domestic violence

  • Educational assistance

  • Recreational activities

Turning Point’s staff is available to assist parents with:

  • Understanding children’s reactions to domestic violence

  • Non-violent disciplinary techniques

  • Understanding child development

  • Referring parent and children to schools and social service agencies

Pet Accommodations

Turning Point understands that pets can also be affected by domestic violence in a home. Turning Point offers emergency housing accommodations for shelter residents' dogs and cats at our Delaware County shelter.

  • Three indoor/outdoor dog runs

  • Large fenced outdoor exercise area

  • Two large cat condos

For more information about our pet accommodations, please contact an advocate at 740-382-8988.

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