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Red Flags

Watch out for the Red Flags of Domestic Violence.

  • Has your partner ignored your feelings?

  • Has your partner continually criticized you, called you names, or shouted at you?

  • Has your partner ridiculed or insulted your religion, race, heritage, or social class?

  • Has your partner withheld approval, appreciation, or affection as punishment?

  • Does your partner humiliate you either in private or public?

  • Does your partner refuse to socialize with you?

  • Does your partner try to keep you from working?

  • Does your partner try to control your money?

  • Does your partner control the use of protection against pregnancy?

  • Does your partner refuse to let you spend time alone?

  • Does your partner try to make all the decisions in the relationship?

  • Does your partner make excuses for not working?

  • Is it okay to spend your money, but not your partner's?

  • Does your partner's punishment of children seem excessive, inappropriate, or harsh?

  • Is your partner abusive to pets?

  • Does your partner blame you for everything that goes wrong?

  • When angry, does your partner blame you for everything that goes wrong?

  • Do you fear your partner's reactions?

Answering "yes" to any of these questions indicates a red flag. Multiple "yes" answers may require you to re-examine your relationship more closely.

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