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Executive Director Job Opening

Position Summary


Turning Point has the social responsibility to respond to the needs of domestic violence victims by providing shelter, counseling, advocacy and general support services and to identify and confront the causes of domestic violence. 


Reporting to the Board President, the Executive Director (ED) of Turning Point will lead two shelters with 22 full-time employees and an additional 25 part-time associates.  The agency operates two shelters located in Marion and Delaware counties and is directed by a dedicated board of directors and executive leadership team.  Each year, the agency serves and provides hope to hundreds of Ohioans during their most desperate time of need.


Beyond leading the day-to-day operations of the agency, the ED will serve as the face of the non-profit and work with the executive leadership team and Board to build upon its strategic plan, ensuring programmatic growth is achieved and community needs are met.  In addition, the ED will lead the agency’s budgeting, forecasting, grant writing and development/social enterprise activities. 


It is the job of every Turning Point employee to do whatever it takes to meet client needs.  This position profile defines areas for which the ED has primary responsibility.  Together, as a team, the agency will meet the needs of the communities we serve and in which we reside.


Position Accountabilities


  • Responsible for general shelter management including overseeing the provision of quality service delivery and adherence to health, safety and licensure regulations.


  • Responsible for financial management involving development of budgets, monitoring of agency expenditures and reimbursements according to contract guidelines and making all necessary reports to funding services.


  • Develop new funding sources according to agency goals and objectives, including leading development and social enterprise activities.


  • Provide ongoing evaluation of agency goals and objectives and confer regularly with staff to assess the quality of service delivery.


  • Plan, coordinate and implement needed program development according to agency goals and objectives.


  • In collaboration with the Board of Directors, develop and execute the agency’s strategic plan, ensuring programs expand and constrict to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.


  • Serve as the visionary leader for the agency, anticipating and addressing potential political, financial or legal, etc. barriers.


  • Supervise the agency outreach with print and broadcast media contacts as well as for public presentations, literature distribution and other publicity efforts.


  • Develop and maintain public relations with community agencies, organizations and officials; serve as the liaison and spokesperson for the agency with the community.


  • Attend all Turning Point Board and Committee meetings and provide assistance to committees as needed.


  • Respond to client needs within the shelter, provide occasional counseling and casework, handle occasional crisis calls and admission procedures and oversee the enforcement of house rules.


  • Supervise the maintenance of records and statistics.


  • Other duties as assigned by the Turning Point Board of Directors. 


Position Qualifications


  • 10+ years of progressive responsibility in a relevant industry or non-profit environment.


  • Undergraduate degree in social work or related field; master’s degree strongly preferred.


Position Skills, Knowledge and Abilities


  • Knowledge of the necessary components for quality social service delivery, and the ability to implement such procedures.


  • Understand and abide by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s Promising Practices; Standards for Domestic Violence Programs


  • Understand and provide Trauma Informed Care as defined by the Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s Trauma-Informed Care; Best Practices and Protocols for Ohio’s Domestic Violence Programs.


  • Familiarity with health, safety, and fire regulations.


  • Skill in the development of budgets and the monitoring of finances.


  • Skill in proposal writing.


  • Knowledge of supervisory practices and skill in staff development.


  • Ability to promote good public relations with appropriate media, agencies, organizations, and officials.


  • Knowledge of board structure and responsibilities.


  • Ability to organize overall components of quality service delivery and evaluation.


  • Ability to make public presentations and to communicate clearly and effectively with the public.


  • Ability to communicate with people with varying social, economic, religious, and racial backgrounds.


  • Ability to react rationally and with sound judgement in a crisis situation.


  • Ability to effectively monitor agency records and statistics.


  • Ability to enforce house rules consistently and fairly.


  • Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality.


Other Position Details


Turning Point Board of Directors; the Executive Director is to maintain close communication with the President of the Board.


The Executive Director directly supervises a Program Director, Finance Director, Development Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and two Shelter Directors.


This executive leadership position requires one to work at least 40 hours per week, including some evenings, weekends, and holidays.


Process of Candidacy


Please direct all inquiries, resumes and candidate nominations to Wes Reed.


Wes Reed

Senior Executive Recruiter

Cardinal Health (working on behalf of Turning Point)

614.356.3579 (office)

614.406.7000 (cell)

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