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AmeriCorp Empowerment Specialist

Ohio Domestic Violence Network position at Turning Point​

Financial Freedom Corps Position: Turning Point Empowerment Specialist

General Statement of Duties:  In support of the mission of The Ohio Domestic Violence Network, the AmeriCorps Financial Freedom Corps Empowerment Specialist will work with survivors of domestic violence and their families to provide much needed service coordination and educational empowerment. 

Service Location: Turning Point 

Direct Supervisor: Paula Burnside 

Service Dates: October 12th, 2021- September 30th, 2022

Service Position Type/ Required Minimum Service Hours: FT, 40 hr/wk (minimum 1700 hours)

General Service Schedule:  Recommended schedule: M-F 9am-5pm 
Program sites are able to accommodate varying service schedules with their AmeriCorps members as needed. Before schedules are finalized, please review the hours/schedule with the ODVN AmeriCorps Program Coordinator to ensure the AmeriCorps member will have regular and ongoing access to the program supervisor for supervision/direction as well as ensuring the required number of hours is met. 

General Member Activities (All AmeriCorps Members):

  • Providing direct service and support to survivors working with the program site. **(Members may not replace or displace program staff positions)

    • Coordinate with program staff as needed to determine and resolve barriers experienced by survivors 

    • Help develop safety plans with clients as needed (in conjunction with member service duties.)

    • Provide clients with referrals and resources to partner agencies as requested

    • Assist with the development and facilitation of client programming and/or group facilitation as needed during the course of Member service activities. 

  • Assist ODVN in gathering data to accurately address community needs and program effectiveness to strengthen prevention efforts.

  • Ensure accurate data entry and evaluation of all surveys conducted. Surveys are conducted to evaluate the client’s satisfaction with services received, programs offered, and financial knowledge checks.

  • Share survey results with program staff and partners

  • Engage in program site supervision weekly with the designated site supervisor. 

  • Comply with all AmeriCorps program guidelines by maintaining service hours, training hours, and service projects as outlined in the AmeriCorps Service Agreement.

  • Interact in a positive, professional, and cooperative manner with families, and other program staff; refer appropriate questions or concerns to ODVN AmeriCorps Program Coordinator or Site Supervisor as applicable. 

  • Attend all required training courses, staff meetings and participate in AmeriCorps service projects.

  • Understand and promote the Mission and Vision of The Ohio Domestic Violence Network and Turning Point that values diversity and celebrates the positive aspects of a multicultural society.

Host Site Specific Member Activities

  • Youth Empowerment potential activities:

    • Organize educational activities/virtual speakers to engage with youth in the shelter/programs

    • Develop onboarding & training for new volunteers working with youth programming

    • Provide parent-involved learning activities for children.

    • Organize and/or provide after school tutoring programs for school aged youth

    • Provide respite by planning self-care focused youth activities that focus on breathing & calming techniques

    • Develop, update or revise youth intake forms or other youth focused paperwork at program site (with program site staff approval )

  • Financial Empowerment potential activities:

    • Facilitate age-appropriate financial curriculum  to survivors

    • Work with youth to create achievable goals around their finances

    • Provide education about opening, managing and maintaining savings accounts, checking accounts, budgeting, and financial stability/management to youth

    • Provide assistance with meeting any educational goals and assist with any necessary paperwork including application/enrollment requirements

    • Provide assistance with job searches, resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, employment etiquette and professional behavior

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Ability to pass criminal background check and possibly additional checks, based on program site

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office software and data entry programs

  • Positive and professional written and oral communication skills

  • Vested interest in social service & serving community

  • Comfortable speaking in front of a group

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social work, sociology, or related field

  • Experience working with marginalized populations, including but not limited to folks who are: low income, experiencing homelessness, survivors of domestic violence, programs that work with POC (People of Color) or individuals living with disabilities.

  • Highly organized and detail oriented

  • Experience with public speaking or speaking to groups

  • Experience teaching others or facilitating small groups

  • Experience with program evaluations 

  • Fluency in languages in addition to English, such as Spanish or ASL, is helpful but not required

Member/Program Benefits:

  • Living Allowance up to $16,000 a year (for FT member- $533 biweekly taxable income)

  • Education Award up to $6,345 (for FT member)

  • Access to member health care (full-time only)

  • Access to childcare subsidy (full-time only)

  • Get valuable entry level experience in the domestic violence field

  • Serve the community and build capacity at your program site to serve others in the future

  • Increase positive outcomes for survivors and their families. 

  • Interested in cultivating a long-lasting career in the domestic violence service field? Members will also receive guidance and one-on-one support on how to pursue becoming a Registered Advocate in the State of Ohio once their service has ended. 

    • All members will have free access to ODVN’s Domestic Violence Advocacy Fundamentals course.

Please submit resume to:

Turning Point

Program Director

P.O. Box 875

Marion, Ohio 43302


Or call for more information at 740-382-8988

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