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Community partners are key to our success

May 5, 2019

Published May 5, 2019 by Marion Star

By Jamie Beckett, Volunteer Coordinator

When a non-profit program is starting, its success is often based on the amount of community support. As Turning Point looks back on our 40 years of operation, we reflect on those who have been supportive toward our mission from our beginning. Since our inception, the Whirlpool Corporation and Marion plant have allowed Turning Point to provide victims with the items that they need. 

When victims flee abusive situations, they often rely on our shelter to help connect them with services and start rebuilding their lives from scratch. Certain things come to mind when one thinks of a stable environment: beds, linens, food, etc. However, there are other specific things that make living comfortable and aid our clients toward thriving.

Victims of domestic violence must plan for their safety in several situations. An obstacle may be the ability to wash their clothing in a safe place, rather than going to a public laundromat. The Whirlpool Corporation has, throughout the years, provided our previous shelters with washer and dryer units. This donation has allowed us to provide clients with a means to wash their clothing in a private facility, at their convenience. Additionally, they provided dishwashers and kitchen appliances.

In 2004, when Turning Point moved into our current location in Marion, the Whirlpool Corporation came forward and provided washers and dryers for the laundry room. They again helped supply several items to our kitchen area. When they needed replaced after years of use, the Whirlpool Corporation again stepped forward to do so.

Recently, when we saw the need to open a shelter in Delaware County, the Whirlpool Corporation donated all brand-new appliances to furnish the Delaware shelter kitchen, as well as three transitional apartment kitchens. Moreover, they donated washers and dryers to furnish a laundry room, as well as individual units for two rooms that are Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

Not only has Turning Point been a recipient of Whirlpool’s corporate giving, but the employees have also acted as stand-out community partners for years. They have consistently been a major sponsor of our families at Christmas time for Turning Point’s Adopt-A-Family program. We are also regularly a recipient of several in-kind donations like turkeys at Thanksgiving and hams at Christmas. When the individuals at the Marion plant have any type of celebration with extra food, it seems that we are always one of the first recipients on their minds. Some employees have even volunteered at our shelter.

Having the support from a corporation as well as its employees makes a huge societal impact and shows a true commitment to the community. We take our time to acknowledge them for allowing us the means to combat domestic violence within that community.

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